California Medicare + Medi-Cal
Beginning now and with full force into 2013, patients that are enrolled in Medicare + Medi-cal will be receiving a letter from the Department of Health Services [DHSC] that will ask you to choose a managed health plan. You must indicate on that form that you wish to maintain Regular Medi-Cal [option 000]. By doing this, you will maintain your continuity of care and can continue to receive the highest quality of care at this office.

Please note that if you do not respond to the DHSC letter and indicate your choice, you will AUTOMATICALLY BE ASSIGNED TO A MANAGED HEALTH PLAN NETWORK. A new managed care network physician will be assigned to you for your medical care. If you wish to continue to see physicians in our office you must respond to the DHSC letter and indicate that you want to remain in Regular Medi-Cal plan option [000].

Our office does NOT belong to any ACO [Accountable Care Organizations] or HMO.

We value you as a patient and hope that you will make the choice to continue our relationship.