Contact Us

Cedars-Sinai Medical Group
18370 Burbank Boulevard
Suite 601
Tarzana, CA 91356

Main Telephone (818) 996-5700

Main Fax (818) 996-1649

Email Policy

This office does not offer e-mail as a means to schedule appointments, send test results or discuss patient concerns. E-mail communication between patient and our office is used only to discuss general business inquiries. If you email our medical group you must provide your full name, address, and main contact phone number for response, but do NOT include any confidential information.

Email is NOT a secure means of communication! You should never send confidential information (personal, financial, or medical) via unsecured email, and healthcare professionals are prohibited from doing so.

Business Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. through 5:00 P.M.

Our main number is (818) 996-5700; press:
- * for the company directory
- 4 for Billing department
- 5 for Dr. Salberg’s office
- 7 for Dr. Tanouye’s office
- 8 for Dr. Soroushyari’s office
- 9 for all other business
For appointments or medical records requests, dial the appropriate extension above. For prescription refills, please call the appropriate extension above. Pharmacies, please fax refill requests to (818) 758-2904.

Physicians’ direct FAX lines

Jeffrey P. Salberg, M.D. – (818) 996-5702

Gary T. Tanouye, M.D. – (818) 996-1649

Ardeshir Soroushyari, M.D. – (818) 996-1649

After hours: Messages can be left on the exchange, or see Emergencies for more information.